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Flight Training

Safari Helicopter is excited to announce a new addition to the Safari staff – James Spagnola, our very own in-house Certified Flight Instructor. After graduating from Florida State University with Bachelor’s Degree in History, James decided he wanted a little more excitement in his life! So he promptly started logging hours to get his Helicopter Private Pilot’s license , and then got his Commercial license and CFI rating. James is certified to instruct in the Safari Helicopter, Robinson R22, R44 & the R66. He also does agricultural spraying in his “spare time”.

For more information on how to get started on your private pilot’s license or rotor craft add- on contact Megan Wright –

850-482-4141 or

Woodlands, TX Accident

We are very sorry to report that a new member of the Safari family, Michael Mims of Conroe, Texas, lost his life in the crash of his Safari helicopter on January 16, 2015. We offer our sympathy to his family and friends.

The cause of the accident is not apparent and is unknown at this time.

As always happens with an aviation accident, there is extensive speculation and opinion regarding the accident, and conflicting eyewitness reports. Publicly available photographs taken at the scene show no obvious cause of the accident; however, this event will be investigated thoroughly by the National Transportation Safety Board.

CHR International Inc. has been invited by the NTSB to be a party to the investigation. A CHR representative will be allowed to observe some activities of the investigative team. We will provide any information we may have regarding parts of the aircraft being examined and normal operation of the helicopter. While this provides us with an opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge of the results as the investigation progresses, it also requires that we maintain confidentiality until the final report of the NTSB findings is issued. For this reason, there will be no further statements by CHR International Inc. or its personnel unless approved by the National Transportation Safety Board. If the investigation reveals any safety concerns, we will address them immediately.

Since CHR International Inc. acquired the rights to produce the Safari helicopter kit in 2009, we have worked diligently to improve the helicopter in every way possible. Our concern with the safety and satisfaction of Safari owners is well known, and we will practice that philosophy as we assist in any way possible to determine the cause of this tragic event.

Helicopter Tracking Lights

CHR International Inc., producer of the Safari Helicopter, now offers a new and improved  rotor blade tracking lights.


Tracking your rotor blades becomes a one person operation with these lights.  With super bright LED lights of a different color in each unit, these tracking lights will clearly show the path of your rotor blades relative to each other in both hover and forward flight.  Light and simple, they are easily installed and removed from the tips of your rotor blades.  Each set includes extra batteries and instructions for use.

To order a set of two or three blade tracking lights visit our shop icon listed at the top of our home page or email

Megan Wright-

Safari Online Store


Superior- Safari Press Release

Safari Helicopter


Coppell, TX, November 04, 2014 — Scott Hayes, V.P. Sales and Marketing for Superior Air Parts, Inc., announced today that Safari Helicopters has selected its 180-horsepower XP-360 Engine as an option for its Safari 400, two-place, kit helicopter.

“Safari has become the premier name in the kit-built, personal helicopter market and to have them to make our XP-360 Engine a factory option for the Safari 400 is a point of great pride for everyone at Superior,” Hayes stated. “We look forward to our XP-360 Engines providing Safari builders around the world with years of pure flying enjoyment.”

“Safari Helicopters have always been powered by very dependable aircraft engines. In fact, a number of our builders have opted to use the Superior engines for a long time,” stated Megan Wright, Sales and Marketing Manager, Safari Helicopter. “Now with Superior’s strong re-entry into the experimental engine market they are now providing us with an attractive and economical 180-horsepower engine option for the Safari 400’s complete build kit.”

“With the proven history, power and reliability to compete with other available engines, combined with the added benefits of aggressive pricing and excellent customer support, we are extremely pleased to offer Superior’s engines to our customers,” she said.

About Safari Helicopters
Located in Marianna, Florida, Safari Helicopter is a division of CHR International, Inc. Safari is American owned and operated and has been manufacturing two-place personal kit-built helicopters since 1986. To date, the company has sold over 225 Safari Helicopter kits and there are currently over 190 helicopters flying around the world. For more information, visit:

About Superior Air Parts, Inc.
Superior Air Parts, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Superior Aviation Group, is a leading manufacturer of FAA approved aftermarket replacement parts for Lycoming and Continental aircraft engines. In addition, the company manufactures the FAA certified Vantage Engine and the XP-Series Engine family for experimental and sport aircraft builders. For more information, visit:

Mission Possible: The Chamber Undercover

Each year the annual Chamber of Commerce Chairman’s Ball In Woodlands, Texas honors the outgoing Chairman of the Board and welcomes the incoming Chairman.

The theme this year was “Mission Possible: The Chamber Undercover”

honoring our outgoing Chairman of the Board, Amy Milstead, Special Agent 0014.




Mr. VonTour was so gracious to lend his Safari 400 helicopter to the Chairman’s Ball black tie event on Sept. 6th 2014. To go along with the James Bond theme Mr. VonTour’s helicopter was accompanied by several transportation items in the room… a speed boat, Aston Martin, and of course Black Beauty.






Helicopter AM


Oshkosh 2014

We would like to congratulate Ken Kohart for taking home a Bronze Lindy at Oshkosh 2014 Rotorcraft awards for his great looking Safari 400! We were so proud to welcome a record number of Safari Helicopters to the show this year. Ken was flying every day with 9 other Safaris! Make sure and check out our Oshkosh 2014 album in the website gallery.



Sun-N-Fun 2014

We want to give special thanks to the Safari owners and future owners that came to see us at Sun-N-Fun this year! We had a great time and now we count down the days until AirVentures! Mark your calendar for July 28th– Aug. 3, 2014 to come see us in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Sun-N-Fun 2014 (3)

Sun-N-Fun 2014 (1)

Sun-N-Fun 2014 (2)

Safari Dealer-Brazil

We are excited to welcome our newest dealer Jean Mikellides to the Safari Family. Jean is located in Sorocaba, Brazil and brings many years of aviation experience to the table. Jean has been a dealer for Zenith aircraft for 6 years and started flying fixed wing before his 16th birthday. We can’t wait to see Safari Helicopter flourish in beautiful Brazil!



Jean Mikellides

Sorocaba, Brazil



Conformal Vortex Generators

Gaining an edge!
No more blade tape and the loss of performance!


Blade Tape Web

The latest and greatest from our cockpit to yours – Conformal Vortex Generators (don’t call it blade tape!) make your blades more efficient – less drag, more lift, lower manifold pressure. Rotor blades operate in some very extreme environments, cutting through dust, sand, rain and lots of other things that want to wear them down. You already protect your investment with blade tape, and it impairs the performance of your blades! CVGs are made to fit all Safari composite blades. Each strip is 12″ long. The Safari 400 blade fits 6 CVGs per blade for a total of 12.

Produced by Aerodymix, these CVGs have been awarded an STC for use on the R22 in Australia, with US certificates on the way. CHR International Inc./Safari Helicopter is the worldwide distributor for the experimental helicopter market.

A minimum order of 8 CVG’s are required for purchase. Visit our online store to order your CVG’s today.



Safari Owner/Pilot Jimmy Benson–  “The CVG lowered my manifold pressure by an inch and I experienced less vibration. It was easy to install and even easier to repair since it comes in 12″ sections.”



Switzerland Safari

Congratulations to Chris Graf, a Safari owner in Switzerland who completed his Safari and now is working on getting it registered! Make sure and check out Chris’ YouTube page. Click on the picture below for a direct link to his page.